HostGator Hosting Review

hostgator hosting review

We all use various websites in our day-to-day life. May it be for shopping something online (like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra) or may it be for getting some information (like blogspot or some informative blogging sites). Have you ever wondered how these websites work?

Have you ever thought of kick starting your career by launching an e-commerce website that sells the product that only you have, but you’re confused how to get started?

Today, let’s take you to the guide about how websites work and what things are required for building and launching a website.

First of all, for launching a website, you should have a website ready. Website is nothing but collection of webpages that are build using front-end scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and managed by back-end development languages like ASP, PHP etc. Thus, the first step is to build your website. Next, you need to decide a unique name for you website, which is referred as domain and buy the domain. Just like your name is unique and cannot be similar to any other persons’ name, similarly, domain name is unique that uniquely identifies your website. Example, is the domain of Google India. Domain name usually ends with .in, .com, .net, .org depending upon their uses. You can purchase domains from service providers like GoDaddy, etc.

Once you purchase a domain, next step is to host it. Hosting your website means making it available to use for everyone over Internet. Hosting needs to be done on a powerful server whose uptime is high. Thus, you can get your website hosted on the servers of the web hosting service providers. There are many web hosting service providers like GoDaddy, MilesWeb, HostGator etc.

Let’s dive deeper for the HostGator’s hosting services.

HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, from the dorm of Florida Atlantic University.

HostGator today hosts over 9 million domains and offers a broad range of web hosting services and is worldly known for their well-priced shared hosting plans. They also offer Reseller plans, VPS servers and dedicated servers.

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HostGator provides hosting packages with three premium offers –

Hatchling Plan : This plan comes with the single domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited emails. No hosting provider will provide with such a plan with an economical rate.

Baby Plan : This plan comes with the unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited emails. This plan suits best when you want to host more than one website.

Business Plan : This plan comes with the unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited emails. Plus it provides you with Free Dedicated IP and Free SSL Certificate that helps you secure your website from malicious activity.

The comparison of the plans with respect to features is here. The following image shows the plan details :

hostgator hosting review

HostGator provides numerous features which are listed as follows :

Speed : HostGator has a tie-up with GPX, the only tier 4 Datacenter in India. As it has servers located locally, latency decreases eventually. Local hosting provides 30 times lesser latency as compared to when hosting it internationally. Also, with local hosting, there is minimal lag and quicker loading time.

Payment Integration : HostGator makes use of local currency, which has no impact of foreign exchange rate changes. Also, it has partnered with PayTM, India’s largest mobile commerce platform for easier and convenient payment gateways.

Language Support : HostGator provides local language support which means that their staff is trained well enough to assist you in the language of your choice.

Support for government initiatives : Government technology enablement initiatives like “Digital India”, “Make in India”, “Startup India” are supported.

Website Builder : HostGator provides the website builder for novices and thus opens the doors for opportunities like e-commerce. It is very simple to build the website using HostGator’s tool that allows you to play like a drag-and-drop tool and build websites in no time.

QuickInstall tool : HostGator comes with the QuickInstall tool that is available foe eavery web hosting plan and allows you to create website by doing one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, magento, phpBB etc

Programming and databases : HostGator provides unlimited MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access. it supports programming languages like CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5, PHP 7, ruby on Rails, Perl, Python

Email features : HostGator provides unlimited POP3 Email accounts with SMTP and allows you to receive your email to your phone via IMAP support. It helps prevent spam with SpamAssassin. It gives you unlimited autoresponders, mail forwards, email aliases and 25 mailing lists.

Awesome Support : HostGator provides most promising support by giving 24/7/365 service via phone, live chat and ticket system. It has over 500+ video tutorials and 680+ help articles for support.

Automatic Backups : HostGator automatically backs up your data weekly using off-site data backups.

Variety of Products : HostGator comes with a wide range of products such as Cloud Hosting, Linux Shared hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, Linux reseller hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, Linux KVM VPS, Linux Dedicated server, domains, business email, SiteLock and Codeguard. They provide the best services. One can choose the service depending upon the requirement.

Reliability : HostGator has more than 12000 servers and about 9,00,000 clients over 200 countries. However, despite of huge number of clients, it makes sure to guarantee 99.9% uptime and meets the requirements of the customers. Assurance of reliability is given by continuous 24*7 site monitoring and backups that helps improve the overall performance.

Money back guarantee : HostGator comes with an amazing offer of money-back. You can get your money back within 45 days if you are not satisfied by the service of HostGator. It provides 45 days money back guarantee for all new hosting accounts. Additionally, HostGator’s mostly plans can be called at any time and HostGator does not charge any penalty for that.

Conclusion :

HostGator can be referred as a perfect choice since it comes with economic hosting plans, better customer service and 99% uptime.

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