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Some words like ‘you’ and ‘your’ used throughout these terms and conditions in our website refers to the buyer or client. Whereas, the words we, us and our used throughout these terms and conditions refers to Sri cards, none other than the seller.bloggerbaba.com  is not at all liable for transaction failures during transit though it promises utmost care while checkout goods for dispatch.

We are the ultimate source to take decisions

Remember that no order can be cancelled once placed at any reasons whatsoever. We have the right to change or modify our websites appearance or theme at any stage, we can delete it any time and it depends upon our interest. We don’t take the responsibility to answer anyone in case of any modifications. We don’t know when we might change the terms and conditions of our website.

URL’s to unknown links

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We are only responsible for the harms that you face sue to servers down time or any other thing that is preventing your from our end to access our portal. We are not answerable for any reasons other than these two. We just give suggestions regarding best hosting services available till date. Our duty is to review them and give best information to customers. We won’t give any guarantee on the performance of any hosting company.

We can use our rules and regulations at any time if we find any user violating our rules. We have the freedom to take independent decisions in such cases. We won’t ask any customer to pay directly for us; any transactions for purchasing hosting plans will take place on our seller’s website only. Our team updates these terms and conditions regularly, you can contact us for any queries regarding our services.  Users should keep our terms and conditions in mind while using our website.