Top SEO blunders you must not commit

Top SEO blunders you must not commit

SEO is an important tool for a content marketing strategy that is ever evolving but is essential to bring traffic to your sites, increase user engagement and rank in search engines.

The techniques of SEO keep changing and evolving with the development of search engines and ever-changing perspectives of users. With so many changes and trends coming and going, It’s hard to keep the SEO of the page running smoothly. Many ventures fail at this attempt as they commit mistakes that harm their business.

In this article, I am going to talk about 8 common SEO mistakes that many new and even old businesses commit that are responsible for the decreasing traffic and rank of their site.

Here are Top 8 SEO blunders you must not commit:

  1. Publishing copied content

Content is and will always be the kings and a lot of traffic is generated through this content so make sure, that it is fresh and original. Duplicated or thin content doesn’t work, and also copying text is penalized by all search engines.

Instead of ripping or spinning somebody else’s text invest in writing your own content this way you won’t fear punishment and would be able to come forth with your own creative and innovative ideas.

If you don’t have good content, you can hire a freelance content writer, and give them the keywords that boost your search to be included in the text.

  1. Using wrong keywords

SEO is optimizing the page for better traffic and rank and optimizing is done using the right keywords. But in most cases, the text used to describe their product or keywords used in a blog post is different from what consumers search the most. The consumer may use some other word for the same thing, but since you used a different keyword, he didn’t land on your site.

Thus, it is imperative to reach your customers, search engines, and even competitors to find out the keywords that have the best chance of getting you in the top 3 on a search engine.

Google Adwords keyword planner and Google trend can be used for this purpose.

  1. Keyboard stuffing

The strategy of using keywords number of times in a line or paragraph to boost your rank is actually the biggest mistake that you are committing. This stuffing of keywords is considered spam by Google leading to bad SEO and in severe cases penalty.

It is best to stick to 3-4 times use of a keyword in a paragraph, quality keywords matter than their quantity.

  1. Skipping meta description and title and alt tags

If you have an image in your website or in a blog post, it is imperative that you include the ‘ALT TAG’ as this tag helps Google understand the image. Google can’t see the image so putting this tag helps it to read the information and index the page.

Similarly, writing content is futile if you don’t add Meta descriptions and title tag in it. They are essential SEO tools that optimize and improve the performance of the page. 

  1. Not having quality backlinks

Quality over quantity should be your mantra while creating backlinks for your website. Backlinks are external links that you use for your site, and it is crucial that you use links from websites, pages or discussion forums that are of top quality, rank and relevant to your own page.

Also, when these sites link to you, always link back as it helps in generating even more traffic.

  1. Mobile savvy and fast

The millennium’s first choice for opening a website these days is mobile. So your site’s SEO must be so good that the site performance on various devices including mobile phones is speedy and user-friendly.  All search engines can recognize a site that is not mobile savvy which harms your ranking.

Also, another point to note is, the site should load faster otherwise SERPS will be lower, and users will not remain or come back on a site that loads slower.

  1. Not using social media

It is important to have a social presence by making an account on social media handles like Instagram and Facebook. By sharing amazing content on them, you can direct traffic from their when clients interested in your services stumble upon such accounts. With tools like Canva, one can easily design beautiful images that suit your social media audience and compel them to visit your website.

Additionally, interact with social media sensations, the influence they have on social media is unmatchable and if they use that influence to promote or share your product, then their followers will definitely check out your services increasing both revenue and SEO by bringing good traffic.

  1. Not analyzing the SEO done

Analyze the SEO of your page so that you know whether your efforts are working or not. Use Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool for this purpose.

These are some of the basic mistakes that people do while optimizing their page, hopefully in the future your SEO will be free of these mistakes and your ranking and traffic will soar higher.

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