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hostingraja hosting reviews

These days many hosting companies are offering hosting services with attractive offers and discounts. Bloggers and website owners get confuse which hosting company should they prefer. Well, we would recommend you to go for HostingRaja hosting. Now the question arises why HostingRaja? We are here to answer your question. You may have been getting calls or mails of various hosting companies. Their offers might attract you to use their hosting, but never just buy a hosting just because of an offer. It might coat you high in future. Always check whether the hosting company is fulfilling all the essential requirements. HostingRaja hosting is the one on which you can rely, they have taken care of everything your site might need.

Why you should go for HostingRaja hosting?

HostingRaja hosting company is one of the have millions of users. It is known for its best services, and they always offer you discounts too, so don’t worry about budget. Here are some of the advantages of using HostingRaja hosting-

1- Reliability

The most important feature a hosting service should have is reliability. A reliable hosting company will keep your websites safe and you won’t have to worry about any kind of fraud. HostingRaja hosting is such a reliable hosting. It is serving its customers from years without any hassle. All the services HostingRaja is providing will benefit your websites.

2- Hacking

The main issue of many website owners is how to deal with the situation, if their site gets hacked. In most of the situations, website owners lose their all their data, which they have created over the years. To keep this data safe, HostingRaja hosting service is a good option for you. HostingRaja itself backup your data which you can upload again on your website. HostingRaja keeps your data safe and their US based servers keep check on security timely.

3- WordPress Friendly

WordPress is the most common platform for websites and blogs. If you are a beginner and don’t have technical knowledge, wordpress is for you. But, running your website on wordpress is not enough. Your website hosting is also important. Your hosting should have a good compatibility with wordpress. This will help you in long run. HostingRaja hosting company is compatible to WordPress. Your wordpess website will run without any problem as HostingRaja will never let it happen.

4- Speed

A good hosting company should provide a good speed on your website. Usually, when you host multiple websites on single hosting service, your websites suffer speed problem. In HostingRaja you won’t experience downtime on your websites or blogs. Your websites will load without any issue. Hence, HostingRaja will be a best hosting service for multiple websites. You will have a good loading time of your websites.

5- Customer support

Customer support is very essential feature, one should look in a good hosting service. Good customer support ensures that you can run your website without any technical problem in long run. You can trust such companies which are providing customer support. HostingRaja provides 24/7 customer support. Their prompt service makes them one of the best hosting service provider. Their customer support will solve your problem in no time with full technical support. HostingRaja never leaves your queries or problems unattended. You get different options to contact the HostingRaja customer support. You can make a call and ask your questions to them. You can also mail them for your problems or live chat with them to ask solution of your problem.

6- Free Domain

HostingRaja hosting service provides you a free domain on first purchase of hosting service. You need to purchase it for one year atleast, and HostingRaja will give you a free domain for lifetime. You would not need to pay extra for your domain purchase or renewal in coming years.

7- Unlimited Websites

In HostingRaja, you get unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth will allow you to host as many websites you want. You can host 100 websites on HostingRaja hosting without any issue. This is a good feature any blogger would go for. If you want to host multiple websites, HostingRaja is the right choice for you.

8- Database

Our database of our website is the most precious thing for all the website owners. To keep it safe and secure is on priority. HostingRaja will help you in that. HostingRaja will help you in taking daily backups. You won’t need to use any extra plugin or anything else to keep your backups.

hostingraja hosting plans

9- Price

Now everyone’s concern is price. An affordable hosting is the requirement of each and every blogger. HostingRaja is providing affordable hosting to you. In India, it is providing hosting from 199/- per month. You may choose from three different packages available as per your requirement.

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These were the advantages you can get by using HostingRaja hosting service. If you’re searching for good hosting option, HostingRaja is the one for you. Try it and you will definitely get satisfaction from its services.


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