Managed or Shared? Which WordPress Hosting is the Best Fit for You?


Hosting is imperative when it comes to online business. Without hosting, your website is not visible to anyone except you. That is why while choosing any web hosting service, you have to make sure that the plan is ideally suited for the needs of your website. The hosting plan that you choose does not only affects the performance of your website. But the things are not as easy as it sounds because there are variety of options you will come across while buying web hosting.

Some of the common hosting options you will get are basic shared hosting, VPS, managed hosting and running a dedicated server. All of these hosting options are quite wide and requires depth to discuss. That is why to keep the things simple for you, let’s discuss two of the most commonly used hosting options for the WordPress CMS websites.

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The shared and managed hosting are the most common term you will hear whenever you will buy web hosting. Despite these hosting are clichéd, some people still are confused regarding the use of both types of hosting. If you also have few questions regarding both these types of hosting then keep reading this article because in the next lines I have discussed it in detail.

In a Larger Picture:

It is always better to get an overview of both these hosting first before getting into the depth.

If you want to save some money, then shared hosting is ideal for you. This is the cheapest way you can host your website but due to this, the quality of hosting do get compromised. Whether your website based on WordPress or not, the shared hosting doesn’t count it and support all the common needs of the huge variety of websites.

Conversely, the managed hosting is for a very specific market. The managed hosting caters a very specific market and highly optimized for the websites on WordPress and other advanced servers.

wordpress shared hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting:

Just like its name, the shared WordPress hosting shares the resources of the website with other sites on the same server. Due to this, the server is made to support almost ever web applications that include WordPress, phpBB and Drupal too. Because all the websites hosted on the same server, then this hosting is more prone to problems and issues.

Because hundreds and sometimes thousands of users are on the same server, the risk of cycle effect or bad-neighbor effect. Every server with hundreds of accounts has a certain amount of memory. Furthermore, every account has its own share in it too so if anyone website exceeds its share of memory then every other website on that server gets affected. This means that the sin of one website is going to be paid by others too in the form of loading slowly and in the worst case site stop responding or loading.

The issues don’t stop here, along with the memory, other things like bandwidth, processing power, storage and everything that is required to host a website got shared from the one server among all the websites on that server. The worst part is that there is no solution of these issues. In the case of emergency, the only thing a company could do is to disable the website which is exceeding its shared limit which in any sense is not a good thing from the website owner’s point of view.

managed hosting for wordpress

Managed WordPress Hosting:

You would be paying much more than the shared WordPress hosting but believe me it worth it. There is no bad neighbor scenario in the managed WordPress hosting. On top of it, you will be getting those perks which shared hosting can never give you. Following are some of the perks that you can only get from your managed WordPress hosting for your website.

  • Security: some shared hosting providing companies’ claims to provide enough security to your website which is totally incorrect. They only provide basic security which can be breached easily and can put all the websites on that server on the line. But with the managed WordPress hosting, security is on the next level. Increase security protocols with daily malware scans and the ability to stop every kind of cyberattack are just the standard security protocols you will get from managed WordPress hosting.
  • Uptime and Scalability: there is no such issue of bad neighbor effect in the managed WordPress hosting. The websites on the same servers do share the resources but not like the shared hosts where you only get the liberty of hundreds of users on your website at a time. The nature of the setup is highly tuned that is why handling a much higher number of viewers is quite easy for the websites on managed WordPress hosting.
  • Regular Backups: backing up all the data and information on your website is imperative especially when you are open to the threats. That is why most of the managed WordPress hosts provide daily backups feature and also let you quickly and easily restore all your data in case if any incident happens.

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