Before buying a domain on the Internet what should I know?

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The domain of a web page is one that will allow you to identify your brand on the internet.It can be the name by which everyone will know you.

It will be essential that before buying a domain on the internet you have very clear what your market niche will be, mainly because we cannot choose a suitable name for an online project that we do not know what it will be. Once you have a clear idea then you will be available of buying a web domain.

How many domains can I register?

You can acquire as many domains for web pages and the extensions that you want .com, .es, .biz, .net, .org, etc. As our economy allows us, there is no limit.

I want to publish in several languages, should I register a web domain for each one?

No, it is not necessary but if you see that your page is successful and you have a .com domain, you would try to get the .es, .net or .org so that no hustler would come and it would occur to register them and put an erotic page.

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Once the registration of the Internet domain is done, you will only have to do a redirection and have the DNS of your web domain pointing to the servers where you have your website or blog.

Can a registered domain be changed by another?

No, it is not possible. You can register a new one but they will not refund your money so do not be in a hurry and choose well.

Can I register a domain with one provider and my web hosting service with another?

Of course, they do not have to be in the same country, for example you can have your domain in Spain and your web hosting in the United States. You only have to redirect your DNS to point to the servers of your web hosting.

Although you can take advantage of some offer of certain serious web service providers such as, LusoVPS where they offer only high tech servers at the best prices available in the market. They provide low cost VPS, XEN VPS, KVM VPS, etc. You get these servers with high reliability and at cheap price.

Can I contract an SSL certificate for my domain?

Of course, you can link an SSL certificate for a domain whatever its extension will be. If you have more than one domain you can get a multi-domain SSL certificate.

The mission of an SSL certificate is to ask the hosting servers where a domain is hosted, to establish a secure connection with the browser, which will protect and secure all existing traffic between your web servers and the browser.


Can I know the real owner of a domain?

From this link you can get information about a domain such as the owner’s name, when it expires, email address and much more.

If my domain expires can I get it back?

When a domain expires, first enter a grace period that will range between a few days and 45 days, during which time it will cease to be operative but you can still renew it with your provider.

Then it goes to the so-called maximum 30-day punishment period, in which we can get it for a slightly higher price.

Keep in mind that not all registrars share these grace periods.

During this quarantine period you can ask your usual provider to activate the domain again or failing that if you are not satisfied with your current provider it is possible to change your company and request activation.

I have a domain and I want to transfer it to another. Can it be done?

You have to know that if you own a domain, you can transfer it at any time.

Before making the transfer you will have to check if it is transferable, for this you must meet the following requirements:

  • That the current company has not blocked the domain for transfers.
  • You have to notify your service provider of your intention to transfer the domain.
  • That at least 60 days has elapsed since the domain was registered for the first time.

Now for the transfer to be effective you just have to go to your new register company and inform them of your intention to transfer the domain. Naturally it will entail some expenses that will depend a little on each company.

If still the problem persists and you cannot unlock it you can think, let it expire and then change registration, it is very simple.

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