The Difference between Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting

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Choosing a Web Host is a task which requires significant research and prior knowledge about the field from the buyer’s side. There are numerous articles posted by us which would help you in choosing you the best hosting plan for your website whether it be an Ecommerce Website or a regular website.

In this article we are discussing about the Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting Services. You would have seldom come across this term if you had been using shared hosting or just a new entrant in the hosting field. This term is mostly used in the VPS or Semi-Dedicated Hosting or Dedicated Hosting.

Here we are would mention the features and point of difference between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting service-

  • In a managed Web Hosting, the Web Hosting Company would take care of numerous aspects of the Website maintenance such as Automated Backups, Malware scanning and removing the malware, Update check and installation, among other things. In the Servers, the Operating system comprises of such softwares which takes care of the above mentioned features.
  • In an Unmanaged Web Hosting Service, there might not be many features available or just a few features available for operations of the Website. That might include installation of even basic softwares such as Apache, among others.
  • It is upon the owner of the website to install basic services and features, as the host service provider might only provide with the basic Operating System. The owner would have to take care of different aspects of the website maintenance such as Control Panel, Software, Security measures among other things.

Pros and Cons

  • For many Managed Web Hosting might seem to be the right choice, as one not well versed with the server management would have an easy job maintaining website in a Managed Web Hosting, however there are certain shortcomings of the same. First being the inability of running any other website on the server as the server is fine tuned for WordPress Sites. It would straight-away affect the functionality of the site. Second shortcoming being support of only a small number of operating systems in case of VPS or Dedicated Server.

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  • In Unmanaged Web Hosting, the management of the Website and the server would be difficult for a newbie in this field and if time constraints entails, then it would be difficult to maintain the server. Moreover the experience and relevant knowledge about handling is required. One hack could be buying an Unmanaged Web Hosting and paying a third party to set everything for your website. Along with it, you could also take help of DirectAdmin or a cPanel license to manage the same.


The final call is yours, whether you want to select a Managed or Unmanaged Web Host. You could inquire about Hybrid Plan or sign a maintenance agreement with your server provider too. Take a look into all the possible avenues and make the final call which best suites your requirements.

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